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Irina Sardareva

Irina Sardareva The biography of Irina Sardareva is quite unusual for a person who is engaged in fashion design. She was born 2 August 1955 in Kiev, Ukraine. She graduated microbiology at Kiev State University. During the time of her studies she met Petar Sardarev from Bulgaria. They married and started living together in Bulgaria. She was unable to find a job, matching her qualification, and she worked as a chemistry teacher for 12 years.

In 1992, together with her husband, Irina Sardareva founded the family fashion house “PIGAS”. The name PIGAS was an abbreviation for the names of the family members – Petar, Irina, Georgi and Alexander Sardarevi. Company’s main activity was production and sales of women hats, since hats had always been Irina’s hobby.

Irina Sardareva’s first hat designs were an inseparable addition to the collections of the most famous Bulgarian designers. In 1994 she started making her own fashion-shows, where this time clothing was an addition to the hats. Sardareva’s name turned into a fashion brand and her fashion-shows turned into non-conventional fashion performances.

In 1997 Irina Sardareva opens her “House of Hats”, where she crafts and sells her hats. Once you visit the House of Hats you hardly ever forget this exquisite experience and always return to this place.

In March 2003 the Bulgarian Fashion Academy awards Irina Sardareva with the first „Golden pin” in the newly-established section Fashion accessories. From year 2005 on, she engages in handknitted woman clothes. Four times a year she participates in an Clothing Exhibition in Paris with her new brand Peroto.

Irina Sardareva is a member of The Bulgarian Craftsmen Chamber. She has two sons and two grandchildren.

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